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Design and Installation of Sound, Video and Lighting Systems.

Georgetown, KY 502-868-9700


Sound System Design



[Under Construction]



Typical services provided

  • Speaker system selection and location
  • Technical booth layout
  • Power requirements
  • Cooling requirements
  • Conduit quantities, sizes and routing
  • Power filtering and switching scheme design
  • Floor boxes and wall plates location, model and jack types specifications
  • Jack plate lay out
  • Rack drawings
  • Where applicable, we evaluate the client's existing equipment for reuse
  • Other services are available


Computer Modeling Capabilities

  • Direct sound coverage
  • Evenness of coverage across full range
  • Reflected sound
  • Inteligibility
  • Percent loss of consonants
  • Speaker cluster appearance
  • Maximum sound level
  • Ray tracing
  • Other capabilities are possible

Computer model samples

Direct SPL displayed on Audience Areas


Ray Tracing display of floor reflections


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