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Design and Installation of Sound, Video and Lighting Systems.

Georgetown, KY 502-868-9700


Southeast Christian Church campus



[Under Construction]

Worship Center


Video screen/Speaker Gondola   seating capacity: 9200 seats

Audio Analysts rigged temporary speaker clusters in this room during the design stages.

MGA of Fresno, CA was the prime A/V contractor.

Southeast in the winter...beautiful!


One of several signal processing/amplifier racks which serve the main auditorium.

MGA installed and set up this equipment.



Communion cup filler   Everything is large scale and FIRST CLASS at Southeast.

A long-time Southeast member/inventor designed and built this.

Let me know if you're interested in this or his put-the-cup-in-the-tray device.

I'll be glad to provide you with his contact information.


Audio Analysts provided rigging, cabling and set up for this speaker shoot out.

This was conducted at their previous location on Hikes Lane.


Everything was evaluated for this project! The 8" ceiling speakers were measured and listened to outside the technical system's construction site trailer.


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